Seminar and Workshop Schedules


All seminars are from 9:00am-9:50am

LocationTues. March 6Wed. March 7Thur. March 8Fri. March 9
CAC – 206

Ministering to the Refugee: Stories from Dallas

By: For the Nations: Refugee Outreach

Church Planting Movements

By: Beyond

Spiritual Warfare in Ministry

By: BEE World

Single on the Mission Field

By: GEM (Greater Europe Mission

CAC – 205

The Nuts and Bolts of Bible Translation—How God Uses the Translation Process to Transform Lives

By: Pioneer Bible Translators

The Role of the Local Church in Missionary Calling

By: PCA Missions

Critical Questions for Disciple Making Movements

By: Christar

A Philosophy of Fundraising: True Stories and Practical Tips

By: Ethnos360 

TODD – 114

Realities of Aftercare: Ministering to Survivors of Sex Trafficking

By: Poiema Foundation

Preparing your Marriage for Missions


Church and Parachurch in Missions

By: WorldVenture

How to Share your Faith with Anyone, Anywhere

 By: Pais Movement

TODD – 115

Millennials in Missions

By: ForeFront Experience

Does Teaching English Overseas Really Make a Difference?


Folk Islam

By: AIM (Africa Inland Mission)

Business as Mission

By: East-West Ministries International

TODD – 313

Pursuing Emotional and Spiritual Health

By: WorldVenture

Women in Missions

By: Frontiers

Theological Education in Latin America

By: Camino Global

Fence Builder



All workshops are from 12:45pm-2:00pm

LocationTues. March 6Wed. March 7Thur. March 8Fri. March 9
CAC – 204 

Youth Evangelism and Discipleship in the Refugee Context

By: Love Is Ministry

Can only Artists Enhance Worship? Ethnodoxology for Church and Global Mission

By: GIAL (Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics)

CAC – 205 

Women Training Women

 By: Entrust

The Unfinished Task in Rural America. Who are the Yet Unreached?

By: Rural Home Missionary Association

CAC – 206 

What to do with Unmet Expectations on the Field

By: Christar 

Combating International Trafficking

By: IJM (International Justice Mission)

TODD – 114 

Opportunities and Challenges in Missions for Asian-Americans

By: OMF International

Taste of Translation and Linguistics

By: Wycliffe Bible Translators

TODD – 115 

Practical Challenges of Living Overseas

By: One Challenge

Planting Intercultural Churches


TODD – 313 

Delivering Truth where Written Words Can’t Go

By: Spoken Worldwide

Education in Oral Contexts

By: Children’s Relief International

TODD – 315 

Arts and Trauma Healing


Equipping Leaders for Spiritual Multiplication in so-called “Closed” Countries

By: Entrust

TODD – 317 

Spiritual Warfare, is it real?


Ministry to Government Officials

By: Camino Global

TODD – 320  

Cross Cultural Ministry with International Students – Reach the World for Christ Right Here, Right Now!

By: International Students Inc. (ISI)



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