Speaker - Ruth Padilla Deborst

WEC 2019 Speaker

Ruth Padilla Deborst

Director of Christian Formation and Leadership Development
World Vision International

Speaker Bio

Dr. Ruth Padilla Deborst will be the speaker for the World Evangelization Conference in March 2019. As a leading Latin American voice, Ruth works to make theology more relevant to everyday life.

Born in Colombia and raised in Argentina by an American mother and an Ecuadorian father, Ruth brings a wealth of unique experiences and perspective on cross-cultural missions. Her perspective was greatly shaped by her father René Padilla who is a very respected evangelical Latin American theologian. His legacy, and her interests continues to challenge people everywhere against extremism, whether the extreme of only presenting the Gospel to people and ignoring their social status, but not going to the other extreme either, dealing only with their physical and emotional condition, ignoring the spiritual.

Ruth yearns to see peace and justice embrace in the beautiful and broken world we call home. A wife of one and mother of many, theologian, missiologist, educator, and story-teller, she has been involved in leadership development and theological education for integral mission in her native Latin America for several decades. As Leader of Missional Leadership with Resonate Global Mission, she works with the Comunidad de Estudios Teológicos Interdisciplinarios (CETI – www.ceticontinental.org, a learning community with students across Latin America), and coordinates the Networking Team of INFEMIT (International Fellowship for Mission as Transformation –www.infemit.org), among other things. She serves on the board of A Rocha, the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies and the American Society of Missiology.

She lives with her husband, James, in Costa Rica as a member of Casa Adobe, an intentional Christian Community with deep concern for right living in relation to the whole of creation (www.casaadobe.org). Her studies include a Bachelors in Education (Argentina), an MA in Interdisciplinary Studies (Wheaton College), and a PhD in Theology (Boston University).

Her publication contributions include: The Mission of the Church: Five Views in Conversation; Whole and Reconciled, and Global Theology in Evangelical Perspectives.

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