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Looking forward to next year!

The 2019 Chinese Church Leadership conference has ended. 

Thank you for your interest and participation. We hope to see you again next year. For more information on our upcoming events, please contact us at chineseregistration@dts.edu. Please scroll down to have a look at the event we had this year. Thanks!

About the Conference

The DTS Chinese Studies department is proud to conduct its annual Church Leadership Conference on April 1, 2019. This year’s conference theme is “Filling the Gaps Between Chinese Ministries in North America.” The focus will be on better understanding the different challenges in doing ministry among 1st generation and 2nd generation Chinese Christians and how to better develop and maintain unity in Chinese churches with multiple generations.

Our vision is to show how healthy multi-generational churches are a necessary part of and a great benefit to the body of Christ.

The main speakers for the conference are Dr. Brian Lam (senior pastor of FBCC) and Dr. Jireh Lin (senior pastor of FCBC). Responses will be given by Rev. David Hsu (senior pastor of WHCC) and Dr. Scott Barfoot (director of DMin Studies, DTS). In addition, there will be two workshop sessions in the afternoon with one focusing on ministry from a 1st generation Chinese perspective and the other from a 2nd generation perspective.

Our prayer is that through this conference God would be glorified as we see people of different cultures and backgrounds come together in the mission to make Him known. 

Hope to see you there!

達拉斯神學院中文部很感恩能夠在2019年4月1日舉辦一年一度的「華人教會領袖研討會。」 今年的主題是「跨越北美華人教會兩代的鴻溝。」 今年領袖研討會的重點是更好地理解北美華人第一代和第二代在事工中所面對的不同挑戰,以及如何在多代華人教會中更好地發展和維持團結。


今年領袖研討會的主題講員是林永健牧師(休士頓FBCC的主任牧師)以及林以勒牧師(費斯科FCBC的主任牧師。) 接下來是由許重一牧師(休士頓西區教會的主任牧師)以及Barfoot博士來回應。此外,下午將在達拉斯校本部、休士頓分區舉辦兩場研討會,其中一場專注於第一代中國人的事工,另一部則是第二代。

我們的祈禱是盼望不同文化和背景的基督徒通過這次會議,可以讓世人看到上帝的榮耀。 希望能在那裡見到大家!


DTS Dallas Campus: Lamb Auditorium
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DTS Houston: Library
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$10 for students and early-bird registrants; $20 for regular attendees

(Lunch Provided ✶ Childcare not provided) 備有午餐招待

*Early bird pricing ends March 1* 


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Keynote Speakers


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Panel Discussion


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Workshop 1


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Workshop 2


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Brian Lam

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Pastor Brian Lam came to Houston in 1975 to study at UH in Computer Science. Upon graduation, he felt the call of God to go into full-time ministry. He received the Master of Theology in 1982 and the Doctor of Ministry in 1993 from Dallas Theological Seminary.

He had served at Houston Chinese Church for 15 years before he planted Fort Bend Community Church in 1997 with the mission to pursue the heart of God through growing communities of Christ-like disciples and to reach all people. Pastor Brian is married to Lily and they have two children.

林永健牧師生於香港。美國曉士頓大學電腦系畢業後蒙神呼召到達拉斯神學院進修神學碩士。八二年畢業後在曉士頓中國教會事奉。九一年得教牧學博士,九七年被差到福遍植堂。成立福遍中國教會(Fort Bend Community Church),以栽培靈命,福遍社區為異象目標。林牧師八一年與呂寧華姊妹結婚林師母現職福遍中國教會輔導中心義務傳道,兩人育有一女一子。

Jireh lin

Jireh Lin was born in Indonesia and grew up in the Chicago area. He studied at Loyola University of Chicago, the University of Illinois at Chicago, Grace Theological Seminary, and Dallas Theological Seminary. Since 1990 he has served as an English pastor at the Raleigh Chinese Christian Church in North Carolina and the Dallas Chinese Bible Church.

Currently he is the senior pastor at Frisco Community Bible Church.  He has been married for 28 year to his wife, Ann, and has two adult daughters, Emily and Janel.

林以勒牧師出生於印度尼西亞,在芝加哥地區長大。 他曾就讀於芝加哥洛約拉大學,伊利諾伊大學芝加哥分校,恩典神學院和達拉斯神學院。 自1990年以來,他一直擔任北卡羅來納州羅利華人基督教會和達拉斯華人聖經教會的英文堂牧師。 目前,他是費斯科社區聖經教會的主任牧師。 他已經和他的妻子Ann結婚28年了,並且還有成年女兒Emily和Janel。

david hsu

Pastor David Hsu is the senior pastor at West Houston Chinese Church (WHCC), where he has served for over 25 years. His family immigrated to the US from Taiwan when he was 14, and he grew up in Boston. He studied at Tufts University and was a computer chip designer before going to Dallas Theological Seminary. He started serving at WHCC as the English minister in 1993 working mostly with youth, and became the senior pastor in 2001. 

Pastor David has a heart for English-speaking ministry in the Chinese church, and is passionate about spiritual direction, missions, and the passing of the ministry baton between the generations. Pastor David’s wife, Cheryl, was also born in Taiwan. She is a music teacher and has a master’s degree in Christian Education also from Dallas Theological Seminary. Pastor David met his wife, Cheryl, on a short-term missions trip to the Philippines with Campus Crusade, and they have two children: Nathan, just graduated from the University of Texas in Austin, and Hannah, a sophomore at Trinity University in San Antonio. For leisure Pastor David enjoys reading, running, fishing, and following Boston-area sports teams.

許重一牧師是西休斯頓華人教會(WHCC)的主任牧師,並在那裡服事超過25年。他的家人14歲時從台灣移民到美國,他在波士頓地區長大。他在Tufts 就讀大學,在達拉斯神學院接受裝備之前是一名電腦晶片設計師。他於1993年開始在WHCC擔任英文牧師,主要從事青年事工,並於2001年成為主任牧師。許重一牧師在華人教會界非常看重第二代講英語的年輕人事工,並對引導下一代,使命和世代相傳的接軌有極大的負擔。許重一牧師的妻子Cheryl也出生在台灣,她是一名音樂老師,並且還擁有達拉斯神學院的基督教教育碩士學位。許重一牧師與師母在菲律賓舉行的學園傳道會短宣活動中初次相識,他們有兩個孩子:Nathan,剛畢業於德克薩斯大學奧斯汀分校,Hannah,聖安東尼奧三一大學二年級學生。對於休閒活動,許重一牧師大衛喜歡閱讀、跑步、釣魚和關注波士頓地區的運動球賽。

Scott Barfoot

Dr. Scott Barfoot (ThM, PhD) aspires to equip, encourage, and empower global pastoral, educational, and executive leaders for greater ministry effectiveness. Having served in a variety of pastoral leadership capacities in rural Canada and suburban Asian and American churches in the United States, he has a special heart for leadership development in the local church.

Since 2008, Scott has served as the director of the Doctor of Ministry program at Dallas Theological Seminary. His most recent research surveyed pastors who graduated from DTS to assess views of the leadership structure in their churches. He is married to his wife and best friend, Debbie. They have three precious children, Davey (15), Joel (12), and Karissa (8).

Scott Barfoot博士(ThM,PhD)致力於為全球教牧和行政領袖提供裝備的工作,以提高事工效率為己任。 他曾在加拿大鄉村以及美國郊區的亞洲和美國教會擔任各種牧職,對於地方教會領袖發展的工作有特別的負擔。 自2008年以來,Barfoot博士擔任達拉斯神學院教牧博士科的主任。 他最近針對從DTS畢業的牧師做研究調查,評估他們教會中領導結構的觀點。 他的妻子Debbie也是他最好的朋友。 他們有三位子女,Davey(15歲),Joel(12歲)和Karissa(8歲)。


George Hillman

Dr. George M. Hillman Jr. serves as the vice president for Student Life, dean of students, and professor of Educational Ministries and Leadership at Dallas Theological Seminary.

Dr. Hillman came to DTS in 2002 with years of pastoral experience in churches and parachurch organizations in Texas and Georgia. A graduate of Texas A&M University and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, George has a passion for education, spiritual formation, and leadership development. He is a rabid college football fan and loves good barbeque. He and his wife have a grown daughter who is pursuing a career in the arts.

George Hillman博士在達拉斯神學院主管學生事務的副校長,也是DTS基督徒教育和領導學的教授。


希爾曼博士畢業於德克薩斯州農工大學和西南浸信會神學院; 他對基督徒教育、靈命塑造和領導學的發展充滿熱情。 他也非常熱愛的大學橄欖球賽,喜歡良好的燒烤。 他和妻子有一個正在追求藝術生涯的成年女兒。

Bruce Fong

Ministering at the intersection of parachurch, pastoral, and academic ministry, Dr. Fong is committed to teaching God’s Word “to anyone and everyone who will lend him an ear.”

By serving as the dean of DTS-Houston and professor of Pastoral Ministries, he is excited to minister to and train the next generation of Christian leaders. Dr. Fong and his wife, Yvonne, have five children (three children plus two in-law children that he and his wife love so much that they are counted as their own). He enjoys the outdoors, spending time with his family, and riding his motorcycle.

Dr. Bruce Fong 直接參與文教機構、牧養教會、和神學院的學術教導,他也致力於「教導上帝的話語,並向所有願意聆聽他的人來傳講。」





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