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Dawn Waters Baker

Dawn Waters Baker

Professional Landscape Artist

Dawn feels like her first language was beauty. That was how her heart was stirred to art. Born and raised a missionary kid in the Philippines she learned to look for it in the cracks and crevices of lives much harder then her own.

Natalie Carnes

Natalie Carnes

Associate Professor of Theology, Baylor University

Natalie is a constructive theologian who reflects on traditional theological topics through somewhat less traditional themes, like images, iconoclasm, beauty, gender, and childhood.


Tuesday, October 31

Chapel: A panel discussion of the collaborative partnership of a pastor and artist for the life of their church.
Dawn Waters Baker, Mac Lower, Dr. David Rogers, Pastor of Arapaho Baptist Church.
Special performance by Nanci Li and David Marchbanks

Lunch: Q&A with Arapaho Road Baptist Church, Campbell 110.

Wednesday, November 1

Chapel: Dr. Natalie Carnes, Associate Professor of Theology at Baylor University, presents the lecture “On Beauty.”
Special Performance by Jenae Ward and Garrett Flatt

Thursday, November 2

Chapel: A panel discussion of taking art into ministry in a Dallas County juvenile detention center.
Dawn Waters Baker and Natalie CarnesRead more.

Evening: The Department of Media Arts and Worship, The Department of Theological Studies, and The Hendricks Center will host a “Dinner with Theology of Beauty” – RSVP here.

Friday, November 3

Chapel: A panel discussion of the artist and her work in the National Park artist residency programs.
Dawn Waters Baker and Natalie Carnes.



Dylan Mortimer

Art Installation at Dallas Theological Seminary

Dallas Theological Seminary boasts its own art gallery space on the first floor of the Todd Building.

The gallery currently features the work of Kansas City-based artist Dylan Mortimer. Work displayed in our gallery comes from his 2016 exhibition Cure and new work completed following Mortimer’s double lung transplant this past January. Work will be available and open to the public until the end of the Fall 2017 semester. Learn more via KCUR and Kansas City Star.

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